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Building Community:
The Prophetic Path of Faith & Service

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Join the Bayan Community 

Join the Bayan community nationwide in this blessed Ramadan gathering with a few of the leaders and scholars who are being trained and educated by amazing faculty members. These students are returning to their communities to work with members in faith formation for the nurturing of the next generation of Muslims. Learn more about how they are building up communities and how you can follow in their footsteps of Prophetic faith and service in contributing and leading your community.

Distinguished Speakers & Guests

Sondos Kholaki
Bayan Alumna & Chaplain
Hoag & Cedars-Sinai Hospitals

Dr. Ingrid Mattson

Founder, The Hurma Project
Bayan Visiting Faculty Member 

Basheer Jones

Cleveland City Councilmember
Bayan Student (Class of 2021)

Jihad Turk

Founder & President

  Abdullah al Mamun

Senior Director of Advancement